How to analyze poetry in steps ?

Find out the theme

Read the poem in your own good time. Paraphrase it. Don’t forget to connect the dots and try to get the main idea behind the poem.

Mood and Tone

Once you’ve read the poem, find out how words used in the poem effect the mood of the poem. Find out the attitude and tone of the poet.

Find out the meaning of the poem

Try and analyze what the poet is trying to say ? What message does the poem convey to it’s readers? How can you relate the poem to the real world? Keep all these questions in mind while reading a poem.

Analyze the Rhyme Scheme

Well, rhyme scheme is considered to be a major component of a poetry. Read the poem attentively and look for a rhyme scheme if it exists.

Repetition in the poem

You must read the poem out loud at least once or twice to find out if there is any repetition in the poem. Figure out the style of the poem and search for the words or phrases that are repeated.

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