Best Health Insurance Plans for individuals and Family

Niva Bupa Heath Insurance

Avail discount up to 7.5% on your annual premium when you buy online. Invest in Niva Bupa’s comprehensive health insurance plans today.

  1.  30-minute cashless claim processing.
  2.  Hospitalization cover against COVID-19.
  3.  Discount on premium up to 7.5% when you buy online.
  4.  Pan-India cashless network of 7000+ hospitals.

TATA AIG Insurance

There are several excellent features in Tata AIG’s health insurance plans that make it a suitable choice for your health insurance requirements. Some of the significant features of a Tata AIG health insurance policy are as follows:

  1. Cashless Hospitalisation In India
  2. Substantial Cumulative Bonus for Claim-free Years
  3. Round The Clock Assistance
  4. A TATA Promise : The name Tata has long been associated with trust, quality, and excellent customer service. We take our commitments very seriously and try to ensure the delivery of prompt and high-quality services to you round the clock.
  5. Your Safety Is Our Priority : At Tata AIG, we place the utmost value in your trust and leave no stone unturned to ensure the protection and privacy of your data, including your personal information and payment details. You can be assured of a safe and transparent process at our website as well as our offices.
  6. High Claim Settlement Ratio : With a health insurance claim settlement ratio of 94.43% during the financial year 2020-2021, we, at Tata AIG, have reasserted our ever-growing commitment to customer service and support
  7. Save On Taxes : It may seem frivolous, but one great reason to get a health insurance policy is to save on taxes. Premiums that you pay to maintain a TATA AIG health insurance policy are exempt from taxes under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. If you’ve bought a health insurance plan for yourself, your spouse or your kids, you can claim up to INR 25,000 per year. If you’ve bought a medical insurance plan for your parents who are over the age of 60, you can claim an additional deduction of INR 50,000 per year.
  8. Paperless Policies : Say goodbye to standing in long queues to buy or renew health insurance. With the Tata AIG MediCare line of health insurance products, you can select, compare, and buy an excellent health insurance policy by paying the premiums from the comfort of your home, office, or weekend getaway.
  9. It’s raining Discounts : By buying a Tata AIG health insurance policy, not only do you get extensive health insurance coverage from one of India’s most trusted brands but also receive incredible discounts. If you buy our MediCare or MediCare Protect health insurance plans for a tenure of two years, you can get a 5% discount on the premium. Similarly, if you opt for a three-year Tata AIG MediCare or MediCare Protect health insurance plan, you can benefit from a 10% discount on the cost of the policy.

What is more, is that should you choose our family floater health insurance plan, the higher the number of family members added to the plan, the higher shall be the discount you get on the premium. You can benefit from a 20% discount on the premium for a family floater health insurance plan for two family members, a 28% discount for three family members, and a 32% discount for more than three family members.

HDFCERGO Health Insurance Plans

‘Health is Wealth’—a saying we have been hearing since time immemorial. We also have realised that both our health and wealth need to be protected. If not safeguarded properly, both will diminish.

The year 2020 is an apt example of how health uncertainties can come any time and put a burden on our finances. One of the most vital precautions to be taken for both your health and wealth is to purchase a medical insurance policy that gives you extensive coverage for ever-increasing hospitalisation and treatment costs, in case of emergencies. The value and importance of health insurance has been made clear time and again, so it’s time to implement it immediately and get covered with the best health insurance plan in India which is crucial to meet rising medical costs and safeguards both your present and future medical needs.

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