Creative Innovative Technology Designs examples

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

The Arc Touch Mouse combines innovative design and accurate tracking technology for a useful and beautiful accessory. Winner of a 2011 IDEA Gold Award for design excellence. It’s reliable wireless freedom plus Microsoft touch technology, on the go. Arc Touch Mouse’s innovative design allows for quick use and storage. Curve it comfortably to get started. Then smoothly glide your finger up or down the touch strip. When you’ve finished, keep the tiny transceiver plugged into your computer’s USB port, or attach it magnetically onto the underside of the mouse. Then flatten Arc Touch Mouse to turn it off, and slip it into your pocket or bag as easily as a mobile phone.


Ceramic Speakers by Nendo

Tokyo studio Nendo have collaborated with a traditional Japanese potter to create a flat, square loudspeaker made of 1mm thick ceramic decorated with intricate patterns. The speaker combines high-tech industrial ceramics and traditional craftsmanship. The product was designed in collaboration with Kanazawa based potter Mitsuke Masagasu, for the Take Action Foundation, which seeks to rejuvenate traditional Japanese crafts.


Heartbeats Headphones by Lady Gaga

Heartbeats by Lady Gaga are high performance in-ear headphone. They are made by Monster Cable under the product line “Beats by Dr. Dre” and were made available in October 2009. To coincide with the release of Born This Way, they announced the Heartbeats V2. The result is a unique expression of Lady Gaga that allows women and men to express themselves and their passion for music in exciting new ways. They also reflect her commitment to leading-edge audio performance and musical authenticity. “Heartbeats by Lady Gaga” are designed to deliver pounding bass, incredible clarity, and all the power of today’s hottest music.

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