Easy and Profitable Craft Business Ideas

Eco-Friendly Handicrafts

One can create art in an eco-friendly manner. Bamboo handicrafts are high in trend and demand. You can create resin art by useing eco-friendly craft resin such as Elmer’s glue, caesine glue, gelatine, starch, some wood glues, tempera, gum resin, gum arabic and pine resin


Dokra is an art form to cast metals into designers items, it’s one of the earliest methods and was invented in India thousand years ago. It is a prehistoric process to create metal craft by wax-casting procedure. Dokra originated from the Dokra tribes, who were known as the metal-workers of Bastar, Chhattisgarh.

Candle Making

The best part about candle making is you can easily start it from your home with minimum investment and maximum output. So far, the business of candle making has given great results to a number of sellers. Good candles are not easily available in the market and are hard to find, this provides you an opportunity to get ahead in the race by fulfilling the needs of the buyers.


Embroidery is a craft is used to design and create fabrics using a needle and a thread or a yarn. there are many types of embroideries for you to work and start your business like 3D embroidery, applique, chenille embroidery, and sequin embroidery.

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