Who is the Father of Modern Marketing ?

Philip Kotler is the founder of digital marketing or online marketing. He has authored numerous books formulated on Online Marketing and regarded as one of the most pre-eminent professor and counsellor in marketing.

Books by Philip Kotler

Quotes by Philip Kotler

“Every business is a service business.  You are not a chemical company.  You are a chemical services business.”

“Every company needs two marketing departments, one that has mastered the tactics of getting rid of today’s products and the other that has mastered the strategy of imagining tomorrow’s products.”  

“Every company should work hard to obsolete its product line…before competitors do.”

“Good quality is cheap; cheap goods are costly.”

“I felt strongly that marketing managers, in order to make better marketing decisions, needed to analyze markets and competition in systems terms, explicating the forces at work and their various interdependencies.” 

“Integrated marketing communications are a way to examine the entire marketing process from the point of view of the receiver.”

“It has become increasingly important for marketing professionals to speak the language of the CFO. A financial background allows marketers to better quantify the anticipated impact of any campaign, which in turn aids in greater buy-in.”

“It is easier to make money in a mature industry than a high-tech industry.”

“It is more important to do what is strategically right than what is immediately profitable.”

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