Men Hijab – Islamic Hijab for Men

Although the term Hijab is used for the clothing of the Muslim man it is not the same style and type of ‘Hijab’ that women have been commanded to wear. For many reasons which Allah (SWT) in His infinite wisdom has laid out, women must cover their entire body from the eyes of those who are her non-Mahrams, and men too, to an extent must also observe this rule, which we briefly mention here. It must also be mentioned that the term Hijab, in relation to men, does not have the same technical meaning as it does in reference to Women, since the human-nature of a man and woman are quite different, thus too are their ‘Hijab’. What must be pointed out is that the word Hijab simply means ‘covering’ and thus, men too must cover their bodies from the view of non- Mahram women.

Compiled and Translated by Saleem Bhimji

Benetton made a great move by launching a unisex hijab along with an Italian rapper of Tunisian origin, Ghali Amdouni. The cost of this unisex hijab is £29.95 (3,000 INR) and is available in different shades like black, yellow, red and green.

In a recent interview, a Taliban officer compared women to a melon on telling the importance of Hijab: “Do you buy a sliced melon or an intact melon Of course the intact one. A woman without Hijab is like a sliced melon”

The netizens loathed the statement by showing great criticism.

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