Portfolio Management services(PMS) in India 2021

Alchemy Capital Management

  • Unbiased approach towards each stock
  • Focus on Discipline & Data to generate CAGR
  • Greed/Fear/Hope are mitigated by having objective method for investment
  • Endeavor to generate returns outperforming the relevant Index over 3-5 Year
  • Ability to scan over 2000 stocks daily to find a winner
  • Back Tested for more than 21 years across many market cycles
  • Average cash level is ~ 10%
  • Churn ratio of ~ 0.67
  • Focused unbiased active portfolio management.

Shepherd’s Hill PMS

  • PMS is a SEBI-approved alternative to mutual funds.
  • Performance fees only. No management fee applicable.
  • Minimum investment of Rs. 50 lakhs for five years.
  • With the right manager, you can get superior returns with least possible risk.
  • Greater flexibility and larger opportunity set in the market.

ICICI Portfolio Management Service

  • This portfolio comprises of selected ideas.
  • The Strategy comprises of a ‘Core’ and ‘Satellite’ portfolio strategy.
  • Innovative and sophisticated strategies.
  • Personalization and customization of portfolio.
  • Ability to take focused investment calls both in stocks and sectors.
You can also refer to the video clip below :

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