Spread New Tech Trend – Blake Dowling

The CEO of Aegis Business Technologies, Blake Dowling has recently addressed the issue of school and college voilence as the students are blindly following the new social media and TikTok trends.

Mankind, especially young adults, have have exploited the decorum and appropriateness of human decency and continue to live on with their badetiquettes, but now these trends have thrived to new levels which is atrocious because of these users hide under the anonymity of social platforms which lead to ruthless thinking of the youth.

One of the schools in Florida reported the following statement :

“Broward County Public Schools is aware of virtual, monthly challenges being circulated on the social media platform TikTok. The most recent challenge encourages students to commit a violent act by slapping a teacher or school staff member. Previous challenges have promoted destroying school property and stealing. District and school leadership continue to inform families about these dangerous challenges and remind them that students will face school discipline and law enforcement consequences if they participate. Ensuring safe and secure learning environments for our students, teachers and staff remain our highest priorities.”

Statement made by Broward County Schools

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