The Nobel Prize Laureates Born in December

Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) was a Swedish inventor born in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 21, 1833. He’s known for initiating the series of Nobel Prizes. There have been 975 Nobel Prize laureates between a span of 120 years i.e. from 1901-2021.

Finn E. Kydland

Finn E. Kydland born on 1 December 1943 in  Ålgård, Norway was awarded the Nobel prize for Nobel Prize in Economics, along with Edward C. Prescott, “for their contributions to dynamic macroeconomics: the time consistency of economic policy and the driving forces behind business cycles.”

Paul Crutzen

Paul Crutzen (3 December 1933 – 28 January 2021) won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1995 along with F. Sherwood Rowland and Mario J.

Lord George Porter

George Porter was a British Chemist born on 6 December 1920. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1967.

Sheldon Lee Glashow

Sheldon Lee Glashow (born December 5, 1932) was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics “for their contributions to the theory of the unified weak and electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles, including, inter alia, the prediction of the weak neutral current” in 1979.

Alfred Werner

Alfred Werner (12 December 1866 – 15 November 1919) was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1913 for “in recognition of his work on the linkage of atoms in molecules by which he has thrown new light on earlier investigations and opened up new fields of research especially in inorganic chemistry.”

Willard Frank Libby

Willard Frank Libby (December 17, 1908 – September 8, 1980) was awarded the The Nobel Prize in Chemistry “for his method to use carbon-14 for age determination in archaeology, geology, geophysics, and other branches of science” in 1960.

Willy Brandt

Willy Brandt (18 December 1913 – 8 October 1992) was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace  “for his policy of reconciliation between old enemy countries” in 1971.

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