What is a Shareware? Classification of sharewares

A shareware is a for-profit software that is authorized to the use for trial use at no complementary charges or at a very low cost with the understanding that the user may want to consider paying for it later.

Bob Wallace released the first shareware in 1983, he said the idea of shareware came to him “to some extent of psychedelic experience”. The sharewares are classified as


Adware is referred to as an advertising supported software, it is a nonessential and unwanted software that automatically displays unnecessary advertisements which generate revenue for the developers and it’s owners.


Crippleware is a computer program that has been explained in the terms of both computer software and hardware. It has vital features of the program and it’s services have been limited or crippled.



A trialware is a type of shareware that can be used for only a short period of time, thus it has many limitations. Windows OS, Corel Softwares, Adobe Softwares are some examples of trailware.

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