What is Academic Writing ? – Know it’s Importance

Academic writing is a formal and rather impersonal mode of writing that is intended for a scholarly audience. It tends to depend heavily on research, factual evidence, opinions of educated researchers and scholars.

Academic writing or scholarly writing is nonfiction produced as part of academic work, including reports on empirical fieldwork or research in facilities for the natural sciences or social sciences, monographs in which scholars analyze culture, propose new theories, or develop interpretations from archives, as well as undergraduate versions of all of these.

It serves as a tool of communication that conveys acquired knowledge in a specific field of study. In addition, writing academically will help students analyze, convey understanding, think critically, and focus on technique and style.

When we write, we will surely look at previous writers’ ideas or work and form our own understanding; we cannot summarize what they have done, but we need to think about why they did it and look for ways to use it in the future. Thus, we learn to analyze from our reading and come out with what is important.

It is the ability to express yourself clearly and logically, to study literature and complete literature research on a given topic, to differentiate between various essay types and referencing styles and be able to format the paper according to these styles correctly, to investigate the problem and compose an analysis (research paper) as well as cover an issue on the limited space (1-page essay), etc. It is also the ability to write plagiarism and grammar/spelling/syntax mistakes free papers.

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